PaCE is currently evaluating its standard premium offer for renewable generators not exceeding a stated size.

Until that evaluation is complete and a standard premium is offered, all generators may respond to PaCE’s open request for renewable energy certificates from renewable energy generators located in South Carolina.

Eligibility Criteria for Renewable Resources under Palmetto Clean Energy (PaCE)

A. Definition of Eligible Renewables

The following types of renewable energy are eligible, once delivered into the electricity grid:

  1. Solar Electric;
  2. Wind;
  3. Geothermal;
  4. Biodiesel (B100) that is used to generate electricity is eligible. Biodiesel blended with petroleum diesel is permitted if all of the following conditions are met:
    1. The biodiesel is separately measured (and verified) from the petroleum diesel; and
    2. A process is in place to verify that the biodiesel was converted to electricity.
  5. Fuel cells and hydrogen-powered generators are eligible only if powered by hydrogen derived from any of the above eligible renewable resources or hydrogen that is a byproduct of an industrial process.

B. Co-firing of Biomass with Non-Renewables

Co-firing of eligible forms of biomass with non-renewables is permitted if at least one of the following conditions is met:

  1. The biomass is separately metered and there are contracts in place to verify that the biomass portion was converted to electricity; or
  2. The facility uses a generation tracking system that is fully capable of accurately measuring and reporting the differentiated (biomass-fired and non-biomass-fired) electrical output from the facility. The methodology presented to PaCE must demonstrate that the Btu value of the electrical output from the facility is attributed to the eligible biomass fuel. Some of the criteria that the Board will consider in making a decision are:
    1. Whether the facility was modified to accept biomass fuel;
    2. Whether there is an independent entity involved in verifying or determining the appropriate measurement; and
    3. Whether there is a way to determine and ensure the net electricity increment being sold as “renewable” can be attributed to eligible biomass fuel.

Only the amount of electricity generated from the eligible biomass may count towards the PaCE criteria.

C. Age of Facilities

Facilities generating new renewable energy are eligible if they began operation or were repowered January 1, 1997 or later.